Hotel Stay
Grand Skylight (坪山格兰云天国际酒店)
Address: No. 36 Ruijing Road, Pingshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China (广东省深圳市坪山区瑞景路36号)
Tel.: 086-0755-3635 9999
Note: The hotel is connected with the conference venue by a corridor and it is only half a minute walk away.

The hotel has a construction area of 38,000 square meters, with a Chinese restaurant, a western restaurant, a Japanese cuisine, a fitness center, and 306 hotel rooms (sets), including 28 garden view rooms, a large balcony, and a private garden. It is on the bank of Yanzi Lake. Enjoy the tranquility in the noisy city.

Guest Rooms
The 306 luxurious Chinese-style guest rooms are meticulously designed based on the culture of Han and Tang Dynasties with antique style. Each room has a large balcony with a wide view and beautiful landscape. Among them, 28 garden view rooms have their own private gardens.


Dinner Rooms
Tai Chi Chinese Restaurant & Full-Time Kitchen Restaurant
The Tai Chi Chinese Restaurant, guided by the essence of Tai Chi culture, carefully creates a diversified dining experience with Cantonese cuisine as the mainstay, supplemented by Hakka cuisine, to meet the needs of various business banquets.
Huichu’s all-day dining restaurant strives to create a "sea, land, and air" gourmet feast, with a wide variety of seafood buffets, flavored barbecues and exotic French desserts, allowing the guests to enjoy global gluttony without going elsewhere.


Ah Fitness Center
The fitness center covers an area of 1,100 square meters with auxiliary facilities, which can provide high-quality services to guests at home and abroad.